Meet Lidya, Nigeria’s First Online Lender

Lidya is building the financial services platform of the future for Africans worldwide.  Lidya uses mobile-first technology, fantastic customer experience and proprietary credit scoring algorithms to help African businesses and individuals open an account online in 15 minutes, manage funds, and access credit needed to grow their businesses and plan their futures.
In addition, Lidya have created dashboards and tools to help businesses manage their receivables and cashflow and individuals build credit scores that unlock higher credit limits and affordable rates.  Welcome to Lidya. Welcome to the future. Overview

how much is finasteride to buy Headquarters:     Lagos, Nigeria
Description:         Lidya is a fintech platform
Founders:             Tunde Kehinde, Ercin Eksin
Categories:          Financial Services


SME Loans and Invoicing Platform

Company Details

Founded:          2016
Employees:      1 – 10

Why Lidya was Founded

Tunde Kehinde and Ercin Eksin, co-founders of Africa Courier Express (ACE) launched Lidya in 2016, a financial services platform that aims to make securing business loans easy for SMEs.
“In my experience, there are two clear barriers hindering the successful development of economies across Africa. ACE was founded to address the infrastructural challenges preventing companies from connecting with their customers. Lidya is our solution for the over 300 million consumers on the continent who have bank accounts but don’t have access to credit, trade finance and personal investing tools to grow their businesses and plan their futures,” says Kehinde.
“Because of how the banks are set up, with bricks and mortar networks, they’re more inclined to service multinationals and large government institutions,” Kehinde said. “Their cost structure isn’t favorable to servicing small businesses. Because we’re using technology and algorithms to assess the risk, it allows them to offer financial products to these customers at a low cost.”



Lead Investor
Mar, 2017
Accion Venture Lab
Accion Venture Lab, Newid capital

Current Team at Lidya

Ercin Eksin
Iruoma Gloria Benson-Okoh
PRO/ Social Media Analyst
Oyebode Fajobi
Country Manager
Tunde Kehinde

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