List of HealthTech Startups in Nigeria and What They Do

List of HealthTech Startups and Platforms in Nigeria and What They Do
HealthTech, or digital health, is the use of technology (databases, applications, mobiles, wearables) to improve the delivery, payment, and/or consumption of care, with the ability to increase the development and commercialization of medicinal products.
Global healthcare is a challenge, but it is more tasking in Africa and Nigeria by extension. However, a few startups are now providing solutions, with the aim to make healthcare more accessible to Nigerians and Africans.
Here in this article is an extensive (but not exhaustive) list of the HealthTech startups and platforms in Nigeria and the different services they offer.

HealthTech Startups and Platforms in Nigeria


APMIS is a healthtech startup with a simple means to capture, store, exchange and utilize healthcare data/information easily, transparently, securely at an affordable low cost (cost-effective) manner using information technology. It solves the problems associated with data/information/knowledge for hospital owner, healthcare professionals, caregivers, patients, government, health maintenance organization and other healthcare stakeholders.
APMIS is more than just an electronic health records (EHR) system or a hospital management software (HMS), it is an innovative Health Information System (HIS) that connects all stakeholders together on a single platform to harness the value that is inherent in our connectedness either for health service delivery, education, research or administration.

Curacel Health

Curacel Systems is a healthtech platform of digital health tools designed to help practices, provide better care and make more money. Developing paid EHR for health providers. It is a secure web and mobile-based system for health care providers to manage their operations seamlessly and make better decisions about their patients and their practice.


Doklink is a social network for doctors in Nigeria. Founded by Niyi Osamiluyi, DokiLink is a healthtech platform that allows Nigerians easily find doctors/specialists and book appointments instantly. Although it launched formally on the 15th of March 2017, DokiLink actually started 4 years ago as an online professional network for doctors. Since then, the platform has grown its membership to over 11,000 registered and verified doctors and claims to account for about 30% of doctors in Nigeria.


Druginterface is an healthtech platform for linking healthcare professionals (Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, Radiographers, Medical Laboratory Scientists, Dietitians, nutritionists, physiotherapists, etc) to opportunities and we aim to use this medium in promoting public health concerns such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, etc.
Druginterface hopes to promote competence in developing world in relation to their healthcare by updating members of the healthcare team on scholarships, Jobs, Fellowships, training etc


A secure and interactive platform that ensures that your hospital, pharmacy or practice can purchase and receive pharmaceutical products in a safe and efficient environment. Open to Licensed Pharmacies, Hospitals, and Medical Professionals in Nigeria. All Products purchased on DrugStoc can be traced back to the official
manufacturer or the importer in Nigeria.
On Drugstoc you can,
buy finast 5mg uk SEARCH – Browse thousands of NAFDAC registered drugs available from accredited wholesalers in Nigeria.
get link COMPARE – Find the right brand for your patients by comparing similar compositions, manufacturers and country of origin.
go to site ORDER – Use our logistics and get bulk orders within 48 hours and rush orders on the same day.
PAY – Flexible payment options. Cash on delivery, Secure Online Payment and available Credit Options.


Find-A-Med helps users find the closest health and medical centres around them with turn-by-turn directions to the centres. Find-A-Med uses your location either via the web or mobile to find the nearest hospital, clinic, pharmacy, dental care, eye care, therapy, laboratory, etc.
Among other features users can also:
  • store and track their basic health information
  • search based on proximity and filter through specific healthcare providers; pharmacies, eye care centres, dental clinics and the like.
  • write reviews about any centre they have visited, helping other users identify highly rated health centres in their areas.
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Should you find that your local health centre missing in the directory, there’s an option to add it to the Find-A-Med database.


Gen-Rx is a pharmacy inventory application. Some of the features GenRxx provide include:
  • Expiry Date Auto-Detection – GenRx detects drugs close to expiration among drug stock
  • Drug Overdose Auto-Detection – GenRx detects drug overdose before drug is dispensed to patient
  • Drug Interactions Auto-Detection – GenRx detects wrong drug combinations before drug is dispensed to patient.


Healththink is a healthtech platform focused on collecting and simplifying health data for individuals and organizations. It is about the art of communication and visualization of data for civic engagement. Healththink was developed by ehealth4everyone to address the challenges faced with data availability, and accessibility in the country.
Healththink collates different kinds of data from numerous sources and develops a data bank for easier accessibility. This data is thoroughly reviewed, and frequently updated to ensure accurate and timely delivery of information.


Kangpe helps to bridge the gap between Doctors and patients, allowing you ask health questions anonymously and get your answers from real and verified doctors in less than 10 minutes.


LifeBank is a platform that makes blood available when and where it is needed in Nigeria to save lives. We mobilize blood donations, take inventory of all blood available in the country, and deliver blood in the right condition to the point of need.


Medenhanz is an accessible and affordable web-based and mobile application for point of care clinical reference and continuing medical education. Medenhanz provides online CPD, standard treatment guidelines, a clinical reference database, drug information.

Medical Device as a Service (MDaaS)

MDaaS is an equipment services company, specializing in radiology, patient monitoring, and critical care equipment. The company was founded and incubated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and is led by a diverse team of engineers, medical professionals, and supply chain experts.
MDaaS was created in response to a critical need voiced by Nigerian doctors like you. After speaking with dozens of medical professionals across Nigeria, we found that access to quality medical equipment is one of the biggest challenges faced by Nigerian doctors today. Equipment is prohibitively expensive for many hospitals, and there is an extreme lack of trusted maintenance and repair services in the country.


Medismarts Inc. develops and sells compelling, integrated healthcare software that uses advanced technologies to improve medical practice productivity for Health insurance companies and Hospitals.


Mobidoc offers the health platform to make decisions based on how you want to stay healthy.
  • Talk with verified doctors using either text, voice, or video options.
  • Have your medical samples picked up and be notified when ready.
  • Get your prescription list sent and have them delivered or picked up.
  • Set up and manage appointments with your doctor.
  • Connect with like minds on our forums.
  • Personalize your experience. Find a doctor via numerous parameters.
  • Stay up to date with health-related articles.
  • Stay ahead with reminders on appointments, prescriptions, etc.
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Numa Health

Numa gives you access to reliable high-quality health information, to help you make the right healthcare decisions.


MOBicure is a social enterprise that provides mobile technology solutions to solve some of the most pressing healthcare issues plaguing Nigeria and other developing nations. MOBicure is a‎ mobile health (mhealth) company creating solutions that make use of mobile technology devices and tools such as phones, tablets, SMS, apps, Interactive Voice Recordings (IVRs) and videos to solve some of the most pressing healthcare problems facing developing countries, especially with regards to maternal and child health.


Redbank is a service that helps hospitals and patients quickly and easily search and find safe blood in real time via SMS and voice call.
Over the years several patients have died due to the inability to get a blood donor or even find a specific blood type that matches theirs. With this in mind, Adeyanju Toluwanimi (Operations Lead), Adereti Francis (Business Lead) and Ojediran Tunde (technical Lead) founded Redbank — a startup that connects hospitals and patients to the nearest blood banks.
Like most services connecting hospitals to blood banks, Redbank keeps an inventory of available blood products in blood banks on a web portal built for the blood banks. However,  while most startups involved in connecting hospitals to blood banks do so through voice calls, Redbank is an SMS based service. The founders believe that by using the SMS, the cost of access will be reduced, while the speed of service delivery increases.
Through SMS as well as the mobile application, patients and hospitals can readily search and access records of specific blood group. The response for both the SMS and mobile app contains the name, a traceable address and phone number of the blood bank with the matching blood type.
In addition, Redbank claims to have built a donor management system for organisations involved in blood donation drive. “This platform enables them to effectively manage and engage their blood donors,”Adeyanju Toluwanimi affirms.


Rembi which launched on the 15th of September 2016, helps hospitals to collect and secure patient records. Once installed into the hospital database, Rembi converts and uploads all existing hospital data into its own system; allowing it study and relay such data from the hospital in simply designed prints for the patient and hospital management.
According to its founder, Nelson Ibuola, the startup can reduce health care cost . With Rembi,“you will understand where your facility needs to intensify resources, where you have been lacking and what your patients really want,” says Nelson Ibuola.
The Rembi solution is a two-phased system; a mobile for patients, which is free of charge and the desktop for hospitals.


SaferMom empowers pregnant and new mothers (with baby up to one year) to make informed health decisions via the use of ubiquitous mobile technology ( SMS, voice call services and mobile app)
SaferMom helps mothers monitor and track the health of themselves and their newborn babies, antenatal care, immunization schedules for their babies, nutrition and behavioural routines seamlessly based on their fetal development stages. Irrespective of user’s type of phones, access to internet, languages or location, they can actively access all our content. SaferMom contents are presently available in English, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo and Pidgin Languages.


Ubenwa is saving newborn lives by enabling quick and cost-effective diagnosis of birth asphyxia from infant cry.
Ubenwa is developing a machine learning system that can take as input the infant cry, analyse the amplitude and frequency patterns in the cry, to provide instant diagnosis of birth asphyxia. The test results from our diagnostic software have shown a Sensitivity of over 86% and Specificity of 89%.

Wella Health

Wella Health helps community pharmacies keep dispensing records and use automated SMS messages to promote drug adherence and patient loyalty.

Did we leave out anyone? Which other innovative HealthTech startups do you think deserve to be on this list? Tell us in a comment below! Thank you.

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