List EdTech Startups in Nigeria and What They Do

List of EdTech Startups in Nigeria
EdTech is one of the many areas or sectors that has experienced remarkable growth in Nigeria. With the possibilities that technology provides, almost all industries are finding their place online and the education industry is not lagging. This is courtesy of innovative solutions created by young entrepreneurs.
The education industry is one of the many enjoying technology solutions. Over the years, EdTech has grown beyond making learning easy for students. It has expanded to include many forms of technological innovation in the educational sector such as assisting schools in their processes and connecting teachers with job opportunities. Remarkable EdTech startups are springing up with unique offerings aimed at transforming the quality of education in Nigeria.
Here in this article is an extensive (but not exhaustive) list of the EdTech startups in Nigeria and the different services they offer.



Braniacs are interested in teaching STEM and robotic skills of the future to children and young adults. Some of the modules they offer include Robotics, Game Modding, Computer Programming & Apps development and Basic Electronics. Braniacs offer flexible packages for schools, individuals and groups.
Brainiacs is an end to end technology solution provider. They provide services in training and enhancement for children and young adults (creativity pack), application and systems development and support institutions in research and analytics.


DavtonLearn offers online education via video learning. DavtonLearn started as Davton8020 consulting in 2009 and has since evolved to become a leading provider of professional certification courses.


Launched in 2016, EduRecords is a cloud and mobile education platform that focuses on raw education data collection for data science purposes. It provides real-time/insightful reports including projections, learning path and suggestion on how best a child’s academic performance could be improved to their parents and educators.
This EdTech startup engages schools with free solar electricity, internet, automated attendance tracking devices that monitor both student and teacher inflow and outflow to school and classes and self-paid ICT personnel. EduRecords’ mission is to transform Africa to a developed continent by 2050, reduce crime and illiterates by providing each African with good, quality and equitable education irrespective of their location, age and financial background.
In August 2017, EduRecords introduced a new product called TellMe. TellMe is a security solution that ensures education environment, facilities and educators are 100% safe and secured.


Edusko connects parents and students with good and affordable schools in Nigeria, Ghana and beyond. Our mission is to make good schools Available, Accessible and Affordable to parents, guardians and students looking for good schools in Africa and beyond.
Through the platform, parents can compare available schools with ease and make informed decisions despite their busy schedules. Parents also have access to school fees discount offered by the listed schools from time to time on Edusko.
This EdTech startup also provides schools with the opportunity to reach out to millions of parents and students with ease.


ETX-NG or Electronic Transcript Exchange and Certificate Verification System for Nigeria acts as a transcript clearing house enabling the secure request, transfer and delivery of transcripts from higher educational institutions in Nigeria to universities worldwide.
ETX-NG helps tertiary educational institutions in Nigeria to better their competence, reduce input efforts and bring down costs. Their tasks also include augmenting the quality-of-service delivered to their employers, alumni, students and related institutions, also helping in offering authentic transcripts of educational backgrounds.

FlexiSAF EduSoft

FlexiSAF is an innovative educational solution company with software expertise. They are the creators of SAFSMS, a simple, affordable and flexible school management solution that improves teaching, learning and school administration.
SAFSMS is used by over 300 schools across Nigeria. FlexiSAF is also behind SRMS; a transcript and record management solution for higher institutions, multiple e-learning solutions, web portals and a free JAMB, WAEC and NECO training platform;


Kotivu.NG is a social impact educational software business that features the best corporate training courses in a modern LMS design. The company aims to make learning more productive by offering affordable and engaging eLearning solutions to individuals, businesses, corporations and institutions in Nigeria and across West Africa.


NigerianScholars is a fledgling online student community that provides you with information and tools that you need to secure your future and pursue your academic dreams. Some of the tools offered by this platform include Admission Chances Calculator, School Finder, O’Level Course Recommender and many other useful tools.
NigerianScholars is currently rolling out its online tutorial platform for students to learn different subjects and master fundamental skills that will help them navigate the modern world. is a web, desktop and mobile-based CBT examination preparatory and testing platform, with a vision to help candidates excel in all major Nigerian Examinations and tests.
Pass.NG helps students prepare for their examinations by assessing them through a series of mock tests while also proffering solutions to the questions. Students also get to track their progress as they prepare for the examination on the platform.
This EdTech startup has a goal to reduce to the barest minimum the failure rate of students in major exams starting with Nigeria and eventually the world at large.


PrepClass is an academic solutions provider offering a customized learning program for students. The platform has learning programs to fit any family’s needs and preferences – whether it’s in-home tutoring or online test prep.
PrepClass is an online platform that contains a huge plethora of past question material that allows students practice online and understand their areas of strength and weaknesses. Also, parents that want a more personalized experience for their kids can also request for a personal Prepclass tutor from a database of more than 5000 tutors in Lagos/Abuja.


ProTeach makes it easier to connect people who need to know with the experts that can teach them. And they continue to change the way people think about education in the process.
The EdTech startup is an online marketplace for tutors, that enables parents and learners alike to find the best tutors that’ll help them reach their learning goals. Aimed at redefining education and learning in Nigeria, ProTeach connects expert tutors to learners and offers a personalised and friendly private home tutoring service within Nigeria.

Primal Tutor

Primal tutor is a hub with a mission to deliver knowledge to users at affordable rates. On primal tutor, parents can locate the best home tutors for their children. To request for a tutor, you simply fill a form specifying student and subject details and wait to be paired with a tutor, usually within 24 hours. Likewise, qualified teachers interested in applying are required to fill in a similar form and await vetting and approval.


Raadaa is a platform that aims to make quality research available to everyone. It also gives users of the platform (researchers, publishers, authors, students, and freelancers etc) an avenue to monetize their own research like YouTube video creators.


ScholarX is a social impact EdTech startup that focuses on Education Financing to help young Africans access quality education through Scholarships, Crowdfunding (Village) and E-Learning. ScholarX helps connect young people with opportunities both home and abroad.
Through the ScholarX app, available in free and premium versions, users can select parameters and scroll through lists of available scholarships that match their requirements. Scholarship opportunities are available to students in undergraduate, masters and PhD level.


Schoolmate is an interactive social learning app designed to bring in a new and interesting dimension to learning and interaction within higher institutions of learning. On deployment as a custom app, it enables all student and staff enjoy instant news feed, timetable notifications, instant messaging, course information, useful articles, advertisements and social media feeds.
The app also allows students to get notifications about their results, CGPA and payment status. Parents or guardians are also able to install the app for instant access to their wards studentship status in terms of grades and fees.

SchoolsCompass helps parents to find schools that match their budget, location and facility preferences. It differentiates itself from others as the only organic collection of schools. It verifies to ensure the school information are accurate and encourages parents to review and endorse schools they know.

SchoolsCompass primary aim is to ensure parents get value for their investment in the education of their children. Parents can also compare between selected schools so as to make informed decision.


Powered by the cloud, Slatecube allows you learn industry-relevant skills as courses anywhere, anytime, and on multiple devices for FREE! All you need is an internet enabled device, an active internet connection and, substantial study time each day/week.

Slatecube’s skills courses are practice-driven and directed towards solving real-life challenges in their respective fields. Upon completing a Slatecube program, you’ll receive a valid statement of completion/achievement or even a verified certificate from the institution or organisation as applicable.

Your knowledge is put into useful action by getting attached to a real company in your field of interest. This gives you the opportunity to collaborate with world-class professionals on projects, research, and inventions.


StudySearch is a course matching and applications platform connecting Africans with the best universities abroad. StudySearch is the simplest way for international students to apply to universities abroad. The platform allows students to connect and manage the study abroad process online, from application to arrival.


TeachersAroundMe (TAM) is an online digital EdTech platform that connects Teachers, Linguists, Counselors and Skill Trainers to all in need of their services. Giving employers access to select, view and Hire the best products that fit their requirement online.


Tuteria is an online marketplace connecting users with qualified tutors within their neighbourhood, to master the subjects, skills and exams that matter to them. Lessons can be booked in academic subjects as well as more vocational areas, while there are also tutors offering lessons in skills such as programming and web design.
Every tutor is screened and thoroughly vetted for highest quality, and users can book services in about 60 seconds and plan private lessons according to their own schedule. Tuteria processes payments for lessons monitors lesson delivery and evaluates performance.

Tutor.NG is an online tutoring platform providing tools and resources for engaging and teaching learners anytime, anywhere. It provides the technology for tutors to transform any environment into a learning space.
Tutor.NG Platform is a robust system that provides everything you need to take your teaching online – a virtual classroom, functionality to create and deliver courses with assessment tools, ability to work with different document formats – doc, pdf, ppt., content sharing features, live interactive sessions and a payment system that helps you monetize your content. helps you to monetize what you know and ready to teach. Content owners now have a platform to express their creativity and teach without having to spend so much on IT Infrastructure.


W3tutor is an Innovative eLearning platform which thrives to equip students as well as job seekers with relevant and in-demand skills to help them thrive educationally and posses the skills that would make them employment ready or be able to startup ventures of their own. This EdTech startup is an innovation of Igorithm inc.

Did we leave out anyone? Which other innovative EdTech startups do you think deserve to be on this list? Tell us in a comment below! Thank you.

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  1. satin says:

    I think you should also include Hovatek ( . They’re a free online / remote Tech. Support platform where device users can learn how to fix their device issues on their own. They have detailed tutorials and videos.

  2. Adelaface says:

    Good compilation. Also check helps parents to find schools that match their budget, location and facility preferences. It differentiates itself from others as the only organic collection of schools. It verifies to ensure the school information are accurate and encourages parents to review and endorse schools they know.

    With over 15,000 monthly visits and hundreds of Admission inquiries, it has helped Thousands of Nigerian parents find the right schools for their wards.

    • Cocreatit says:

      Thank you Adelaface for the mention. The list has been updated to reflect SchoolsCompass, a good platform helping parents and students

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      Hello Daniel,

      Nigerian Scholars’ team is really doing a good work and we are happy to know that Nigeria has such platform offering good services consistently for the past few years. We will be expecting more from you.

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