List of AgTech Startup in Nigeria and What They Do

List of AgTech Startups in Nigeria
With Agriculture going beyond factors like climate and soil conditions, several Nigerian AgTech or  Agricultural Technology startups are springing up with near real-time information and innovative solutions.
Here in this article is an extensive (but not exhaustive) list of the AgTech startups in Nigeria and the different services they offer.


Agribooth Technological Solutions Limited

Agribooth provide answers to all of farming problems in Nigeria, by providing a platform where farmers can buy and hire farm machineries, discuss topics, have access to farm-related articles and news.
Agribooth seeks to be the one stop platform for everything Agriculture.


FarmCrowdy is a platform that gives Nigerians the opportunity to participate in Agriculture by selecting the kind of farms they want to sponsor. It uses the sponsor’s funds to secure the land, engage the farmer, plant the seeds, insure the farmers and farm produce, complete the full farming cycle, sell the harvest and then pay the farm sponsor a return on their sponsorship.
While this farm process is ongoing, the farm sponsors are able to keep track of the full-cycle by getting updates in text, pictures and videos.

Farmers.NG helps rural farmers connect with potential customers and urban buyers bridging the technology gap. The farmers are registered and notify the server with an SMS about their products being ready for sale. The engine now sends a notification to urban dwellers with interest in farm produce the farmer has via the app. The details of the farmer are displayed on the app.
The farmer doesn’t need the internet connection as he communicates with via SMS and considering the literacy level, the farm produce is represented with numbers e.g. when a farmer sends “2” to “0818888Farm” = “080188883276”. It means he has yam for sale. In turn, every urban dweller with interest in yams gets a notification on the app that there is a farmer close to them that has yam for sale.

Foodstock Farmers Market

Foodstock Farmers Market is an online wholesale and retail market for Fresh Farm Produce, Sea Food, Frozen Food, Household and Industrial Food Ingredients and Groceries. Foodstock Farmers Market plans to deliver farm produce at the fastest time possible to millions of households in Nigeria.

Fresh Direct Nigeria

Fresh Direct Nigeria is an eco-friendly social enterprise that produces premium organic produce through hydroponics and community action. The startup provides exquisitely grown organic fruits, vegetables and meats and processed end products, brings together communities and advanced technology to improve agricultural yields for sustainable and profitable agricultural enterprise.
Fresh Direct is geared to become the first and only indigenous producer of hydroponics technology as well as set the standard for equitable, eco-friendly agricultural production in Nigeria.


Growsel provides investors and farmers with a meeting point to work towards a fruitful harvest, where the investor can get up to 15 to 30% of his investment as profit. The farmers, on the other hand, can now have quick access to funds for their farming projects and also get exposed to best global agricultural practices, as the company doesn’t seem to be taking chances with quality and the implementation of standard farming practices.
For those who are looking to get involved in agriculture, either as farmers or investors, Growsel offers a wonderful opportunity to invest in food production.


Releaf is a B2B marketplace that connects African businesses to verified buyers and suppliers they can trust. In Africa, few businesses use B2B websites often due to rampant scammers. Releaf is unlocking the tremendous value African trade has to offer by taking offline interactions and digitizing them through our online platform. All businesses on the platform go through a verification process.
The startup is aimed at tackling the difficulty that producers face in obtaining buyers of their products by connecting producers to consumers through an online platform. Releaf believes that building trust in online transactions will massively increase transaction volume and efficiency across the continent.

Thrive Agric

Thrive Agric is a  technology-driven agricultural company passionate about driving in agriculture. Thrive Agric get funds for farmers from, who then get a predictable ROI on the harvest. Thrive Agric is backed by the team at Ventures platform and a product of Ycombinator’s startup school with a mission to ensure food security.
Thrive Agric is an agricultural crowdfunding service that gives individuals the opportunity to invest in agriculture without having to own a farmland or have knowledge of agricultural processes.


Zenvus is an intelligent solution for farms that use proprietary electronics sensors to collect soil data like moisture, nutrients, pH etc and send them to a cloud server via GSM, satellite or WIFI. Algorithms in the server analyze the data and advice farmers on farming. As the crops grow, the system deploys special cameras to build vegetative health for drought stress, pest and diseases. The data generated is aggregated, anonymized and subscribed for agro-lending, agro-insurance, commodity trading to banks, insurers and investors.

Did we leave out anyone? Which other innovative AgTech startups do you think deserve to be on this list? Tell us in a comment below! Thank you.

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