Jara – Get Rewarded Every Time You Pay Your Bills

Jara exists to make sure that the furthest distance you have to travel to get great freebies when paying bill, buying airtime or loading data is; between your fingers and your mobile phone. It is the world of everything you deserve. Jara is the Ultimate Lifestyle upgrade.
Jara is on a mission to help brands turn consumers to customers in a measurable way.
The pioneer product – Jara App – rewards consumers with cash back in the form of discount coupons to top retailers, every time they buy airtime or pay their routine utility bills, while helping partner brands acquire and gain more insight on these consumers.
Jara is also a social venture that commits to contributing part of its revenue to educating underprivileged children in Africa, working in partnership with reputable NGOs such as The Destiny Trust Children Foundation in Nigeria.
Jara App rewards you with free discounts to your favourite retailers every time you buy airtime or pay bills.


Headquarters:     Lagos, Nigeria
Description:         Jara App rewards you with free discounts to your favourite retailers every time you buy airtime.
Founders:             Emeka Akano, Chinedu Onyeaso
Categories:           Social, Apps, Retail
Website:                http://jara.ng/



Jara App

Company Details

Founded:         2015
Contact:          help@jara.ng
Employees:     1 – 10

Why Jara was Founded

In an interview with Startupstories, Emeka Akano shares the story behind the founding of Jara:
“The idea for my business came after I stumbled on a survey, released by National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and was done in collaboration with the World Bank, which revealed that in the fiscal year of 2012/2013, Nigerians spent more talking than they did on household items. It was reported that about N450B was spent monthly on recharging alone in 2012/2013 and we had a little above 120M active GSM subscribers that same year as reported by the NCC. When we (my co-founders and I) did the math  at the time, we discovered that the average airtime spend per active GSM subscriber was N3,300 or $15 per month.
After getting this revelation, seeing the large market of  airtime recharge and the fact that numbers of registered lines were increasing each year in line with our population, my team decided to go into the space to position ourselves for the future. Even though it is a crowded market, the bulk of the distribution of the product (airtime reselling) are done traditionally i.e paper scratch card, with less virtual means and we decided to get into that space because we knew that in the next few years, with the increase in smartphone penetration & internet penetration, more bill payments would be done virtually and through the convenience of a mobile phone.
We also had to think about how to differentiate ourselves because there were also a few players then who had already introduced the convenience of e-top via smartphones & we did not just want to be another player with nothing to clearly differentiate us. In the course of our research and brainstorming, we found out that we could give consumers more value when they pay bills by partnering with retail brands that are looking for more effective ways to reach and engage these consumers. That was the birth of Jara Mobile.  Although it was not called Jara at that time but Jara came to mind much later because of it’s meaning in the Nigerian local language context: “Extra”, which is exactly what it does for the consumers. Jara Mobile is giving extra value to consumers and also to our brand partners.
Our major marketing strategy has been online marketing. We focus on the exact spot where our target audience where they spend most of their time: on social media platforms via smartphones.”


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