Zinox Group Acquires Konga and it’s Subsidiaries

Zinox Group Acquires Konga and it's Subsidiaries

where to purchase priligy The Zinox Group has reportedly acquired Konga but the financial aspects of the deal are still not in the public domain. Zinox Group is the new owners of Konga.com as confirmed by the group’s Head of Corporate Communications, Zinox Group, Gideon Ayogu.

where to buy antabuse in canada The acquisition encompasses all of Konga; its eCommerce domain, Konga.com, KOS Express which is its logistics arm, and  KongaPay, the integrated mobile money payment channel.

http://so-mark.com/testimonial/leveled-the-playing-field/ Zinox had for long expressed interest in e-commerce in Africa. It was one of the first to launch e-commerce platforms with BuyRightAfrica.com back then when digital payment options were not available. Furthermore, the son of the group’s chairman is the founder of Yudala which offers online and offline e-commerce options thus suggesting that a potential Konga-Yudala merger may be in the works to wade off competition and make it one of biggest e-Commerce companies in Africa.

“We have always had an interest in Konga and another big one you know very well but our priority was Konga first because of her integrated nature of four quality companies in one. Konga is a world-class, professionally-run company whose landmark strides in the sector has gone a long way in ushering millions of Nigerians into the ease and convenience of online shopping and boosting the conduct of e-commerce in the country,” Ayogu said.

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