1, 2, 3 Lessons We’ve Learned From Our Customers – Flutterwave

1, 2, 3 Lessons We’ve Learned From Our Customers - Flutterwave
Flutterwave believes that one size certainly doesn’t fit all when it comes to customers, you have to treat them as a different entity, each of them.
Being a Customer Success lead is a good challenge because it’s a mix between creative problem solving and relationship building. My role requires me to know our products, company’s procedures and all the different interactions and systems that currently exist. In some instances, I have to be a silver-tongued source of empathy, and on top of that, there they are the customers.

Echoing the words of Carl W. Buehner “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

I cannot downplay how busy my day can be during the week — kicking off in reactive mode from morning emails to product check-ins to finding who needs specific attention. I am sustained by the belief that customer success is a team sport and I see myself a “relator”; for me, it’s all about working hard, together.

I’ve learned a few lessons during the course of my journey with our customers:

1. The King

“There is only one king with no competitor” — Nārada Muni

Every customer sees himself as the only customer and expects that he will receive premium, on-demand & priority service.

Customers continually expect frontline reps to break policies, to prioritize their needs over those of other customers, and to essentially do whatever they ask because they see themselves as kings.

2Build Relationships: Inside and Outside

The most ancient and, perhaps, still the most efficient kind of marketing is word-of-mouth and important thing that I push for in the course of my day-to-day activities is advocating for the customer. In addition to running advocacy programs to help spread awareness about your brand and generate sales, it also helps to build trust between the brand and the customer. As an insider, I am tasked with voicing the concerns and wants of the customer to our internal teams.

Customer advocacy can be tough sometimes as the passion to help customers must be reflected in interactions with internal teams whilst also maintaining good rapport.

3One size certainly doesn’t fit all

Customers are constantly looking for a total solution with specific, unique qualities and sometimes, we put customers through the same hoops, even though we know they all have different wants and needs. It’s important to adjust a service/solution to the customer based on their current & future preferences.

Our customers have made me understand that they’re comfortable with certain legacy processes and expect the product to transition the same. So yes, often times, I am torn between getting them to buy into the optimised ‘modern’ process or transitioning their current knowledge. And in situations where transitioning is necessary, custom-fit and personalized operational support must be reworked to meet the different targeted expectation set by the customer. The customer has it!

In-spite of the busy mornings and long to-do lists, I enjoy the challenges that come with working with my customer success team. We’re dedicated to providing quick and top-level support to our customers across different industries and we’re excited to serve them during Customer Service Week.

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