How to Find the Best Talent for your Startup

Finding the best talent
Execution is an important stage in any startup and this cannot be achieved without a great team. As a startup, you have different goals and milestones which can only be achieved with a sound team working towards that.
Your success as a startup largely depends on the team you’ve got, the quality of people in your business will determine how fast you’ll hit those goals and milestones. As a young company with limited cash flow, hiring the wrong employee can potentially break your startup. Therefore, you have to be very careful with your decisions.
Whenever you approach investors as a startup, they usually want to know the quality of talent in your startup as this is an important factor to consider.
Below you can find some suggestions that will help you acquire the best talent for your startup.

1. Utilise job listing platforms

There are numerous job listing platforms and recruitment agencies that can help with this. Some of these platforms offer freemium and premium services. The search on most freemium platforms will return enormous results which can make the process somewhat tedious to streamline the applicants.
On the other hand, the premium platforms for a fee, provide filters to help streamline your search while some will handle the screening of applicants for you.
Utilising these platforms does not completely guarantee that you will hire the best talent the market has to offer. Once you receive their applications, that’s when the real work begins.
Some Freemium Job Listing Platforms
Some Premium Job Listing Platforms:

2. Attend networking events

Attending technical meetups and hangouts and conferences can bring success in finding top talent to work for your startup. One of the best places to find skilled people who are generally curious about startups and interested in working at one is at networking events.
Develop the profile of the person you want for your startup and always have your pitch ready whenever you’re at a networking event to excite them.
Aaron Harris, co-founder and CEO of Tutorspree has this to say about attending networking events.
“We realised that developing a profile of the person we wanted and building the right pitch to excite them was critical. You’re always competing against the bigger tech companies for the best engineers. They have deeper pockets and some unbelievable technology. Startups have to sell the dream of what they’re building and the ownership that goes along with it. When you figure out the right way to sell that, then you’re ready to close the candidates when you find them. At every stage, you need to convince the candidate as much as they need to convince you.”

3. Set clear goals

The job description should not be taken lightly. What you include in a job description is what you need to get, so in order to do that, you have to think of what you want. A poorly written job description can alienate potential candidates.
In a bid to stay lean as a startup, the job description can help you identify what exactly you need and what you don’t. This stage should not be taken lightly.
  • What are the core skills and competencies you are looking for to achieve your goals?

4. Use your social network

A typical example of someone who does this so well is Mark Essien, the CEO of He uses his social network to draw in applicants for job openings at his company. And he’s been successful so far. Posting job openings on your social network and asking for retweets/shares will spread the word around quite quickly. This will be 10x more efficient if you’re already in the right circles online.
Since it’s social media, you could also make it fun. Like a quiz or an IQ/personality test which adds to its shareability.

5. Don’t hire just to fill a spot

In other words, don’t hire fast.
It is never advisable to hire fast, because you may make some wrong choices in the process. Having the wrong person work for you is far worse than leaving the vacancy open. Although both these situations aren’t good, it is advisable to hire slowly and look for the real superstar. You have to understand your needs in order to look for the person who can best fulfil them.

6. Make your company a great target for the best talents

Finding talent doesn’t always have to be about companies making the first move. Creating an environment that entices candidates to come work for you is a sound strategy. Build and maintain a great company culture, be a great place to work and great people will want to work for you.

Regardless of the kind of startup you are, ‘who you know’ is one of the most important rules when it comes to finding the best talent. Stay connected and spread the word about your startup, get out there and meet people. Let them know what a great organisation you are.

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