Nigeria’s Internet Population Further Decreases

Nigeria's internet population Decrease further

In March, it was reported that Nigerian telcos lost click 1,277,573  internet users in the month of February.  Leaving Nigerian internet users at 90,029,182.  Nigeria has recorded another loss in the number of its internet users.

NCC has released its Monthly Internet Subscribers Data for the month of March, and internet users are at   source url 90,003, 101. This means internet users in Nigeria dropped by 26,081 subscribers, compared to the month of February.

Furthermore, the report shows that MTN Nigeria is still leading with 30,519,351 internet subscribers and recorded an increase of 218,646 internet subscribers in March, compared to 30,300,705 in February. Globacom with internet subscribers at 27,021,200, also showed an increase of 88,715 compared to February.

Airtel and Etisalat experienced a decrease in the numbers of their subscribers. Airtel lost 45,000 subscribers. From 13,296,999 subscribers in February to 13,008,481, Etisalat also saw a decrease in the number of internet subscribers by 288,518.

Of the total number, 30,309 users were on CDMA networks and 89,972,792 on GSM subscription. Compared to February, GSM service providers lost 26,081.

The continuous decrease in the number of Nigerian internet subscribers is one of the major reasons why the 1 for 2  affordable target plan should be implemented. According to Alliance for affordable internet, Nigeria is one of the countries without affordable internet.

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