6 Traits You Should Look for in a Co-Founder [INFOGRAPHIC]

6 Traits You Should Look for in a Co-Founder

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6 Traits You Should Look for in a Co-Founder

Choosing a co-founder for your startup is like choosing a life partner. Just like your choice of a life partner will go a long way to determine how successful the marriage will be or how happy you will be in the relationship, your choice of a co-founder will be a great determining factor for your startup success.
When it comes down to choosing your co-founder, it is important to make an informed decision. Making the decision to choose a co-founder from the available options you have comes with its own set of unique challenges and considerations, do not rush over this.
1. Complementary Skills

2. Thirst for Knowledge

3. Flexibility

4. Integrity and Honesty

5. Energy

6. Emotional Intelligence

What qualities do you think are most important in a co-founder? Or what’s your experience in selecting a co-founder? Share in the comments below.
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