5 Reason You Should Invest in Real Estate in Nigeria [INFOGRAPHIC]

5 Reason You Should Invest in Real Estate in Nigeria


5 Reason You Should Invest in Real Estate in Nigeria

http://architectsdigitalworkshop.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0//"https:////architectsdigitalworkshop.com//portfolio_page//stockholm-fashion-destination///" 1. Land always appreciates
Real estate investment unlike other investments appreciate with time. Some investments diminish with time, others fluctuate and eventually come crashing down like a pack of cards. But lands almost never depreciate in value. More often than not, they appreciate exponentially.

http://selconstruction.com/404-page/ 2. You can grow, tax-free
Real estate business is one of the few business opportunities in the Nigeria with favorable tax policies. In real estate business, the cash flow received from your rentals are not subject to self-employment tax. Due to depreciation and mortgage interest deduction, the government offers tax benefits and significantly lower tax-rates for long-term profits.

http://backtothewildbook.info/th1s_1s_a_4o4.html 3. Nigeria’s population is increasing with housing deficit
Nigeria is one of the most populous country in the world with a growing 173 million population. Statistics recently released by the Central Bank revealed that Nigeria suffers a housing deficit of 17 million units. Researchers have also argued that Nigeria, with an estimated population of 173 million, requires at least additional 820,000 housing units per annum. With this kind of statistics in mind, the real estate business should be your next area of investment in Nigeria.

4. Money loses value over time
With the depreciating value of naira, saving can never be an advisable option for your money. Even if you decide to put your money in a high interest account, at the end of the day, the net worth will be reduced by depreciating naira value and inflation. However, if you invest it in real estate, your investment will take care of itself if you invest right, the rent from your investment will serve as your interest, and money you invested will continue growing.

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5. It’s relatively easy to get finance

This makes it a lot easier to borrow to invest in property than in any other asset class. Lenders especially commercial and mortgage bank know that real estate in Nigeria is very profitable and pose less risk compared to other business opportunities in the country.
There are vast investment opportunities in real estate for investors searching for proven investment in Nigeria. In the real estate industry, opportunities are always in the increase as population increases and many people seeking to own, rent or occupy properties. The profitability of the real estate industry in Nigeria is on a steady growth, hence, you should key into this opportunity.

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