10 Profitable Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria

Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria
There are numerous profitable business ideas you can start as a student in Nigeria. Being a student in Nigeria, just like in every other country, can be a very challenging journey especially if you do not have a good financial background. As a student, you most times run out of cash to do certain things in school. How do you handle this? Do you run back to your parents always to help you out? When there are several businesses you can manage without interfering with your studies.
In this article, I am going to briefly explain top 10 profitable business ideas for students in Nigeria you can run successfully. Each of them will require some form of capital but each of this business, if practised in Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education are always very successful and usually bring in high yield income.
There are several profitable business ideas for students you can start and make a steady income as a student without having to depend too much on your parents.

Here are top 10 profitable business ideas for students in Nigeria:

1. Tutoring

Tutoring service has proven to be the most profitable business for students in Nigeria. Tutoring as one of the business ideas for students is one most people can do especially if you are intelligent or you can get a team to do that. Tutoring is very wide and cuts across many areas. Are you good at coaching or putting people through difficult topics? Can you coach a class of students freely without stress or sweat? If your answer is yes, this business is for you.
Tutoring is the easiest and cheapest business to start as you can also earn money, solidify your knowledge and help your students. Tutoring ranges from one-on-one coaching, coaching your classmates on topics they couldn’t understand, jamb class coaching, WAEC and NECO coaching.
You don’t need many materials to start this business, organize students, find a free class, get a marker or chalk and start earning your money. Easy right? Yea!

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2. Graphic Design

Do you know how to make good graphic designs? Are you good at any graphic design software? If yes, then this is the business idea for you. This has become a trending business for students. There are always need for posters, flyers, advertisements and many other things that require a graphic designer. Get conversant with any graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw and host of much other software, advertise your service and get customers.

3. Blogging

This is the business that almost everybody (including students) wants to venture into. Blogging is a very profitable business for a student to start as long as you can manage your time and you know what you are doing. Before you start blogging, you have to choose a niche that you are conversant with, what you know people would want to hear or read.
Although it is time-consuming especially when you are starting for the first time, it is a very rewarding business to venture into as a student.

4. Freelance Writing

Are you a good writer? Can you write a good article within a small period of time? If yes, then freelance writing is a business you should think about. There are several platforms you can sign up and get freelance jobs. All you need to do is to tush up your profile, offer good rate and quality service delivery.

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5. Popcorn Business

I have seen people who are successful in this business and that is why I am adding it to the list. You can start packaging popcorns into sealed nylons while putting your labels into it. From there you can liaise with supermarkets and shops around you to be supplying them your popcorns at cheaper prices. You can make research on how you can add special taste and effects to your popcorn to make people patronize it more for quality.

6. Photography

People can now take their pictures with phones, especially with the selfie stick, but a good photographer with a good camera, laptop and backdrop can still make a living with it. So why not turn a corner of your room into a studio and secure your market? This one requires a much larger budget but it can work with people who already have a camera.

7. Event Planning

There are series of campus events from student parties to award nights, matriculation and convocations. You can offer your services and help in planning such events and get paid for it.
Although starting up might be challenging as you will need to be able to convince sponsors that you can handle the job perfectly. You can offer to do the first few jobs for free and start charging when you have proven yourself to be an excellent event planner.

8. Sport & Fitness Training

You may be good in a particular area of sports or maybe fitness training, there may be students who would also love to be as good as you are in a particular area of sport that you are already a professional. Offer to teach them and charge them for it.

9. Laundry/cleaning service

It’s a known fact that most students find it difficult to their laundry or clean their rooms or apartment. You could earn extra cash washing and pressing clothes for classmates, schoolmates and lecturers at an affordable price.
If your mind tells you ”am too big to do this” then that mind is just hindering your success in this business. Remember, the mind is just a part of the body just like the hand and others, it is your duty to control it. You never can tell where this singular service can land you at.

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10. Sales of past questions

This is another lucrative business you can start in the university. There are thousands of people who apply to different Nigerian universities yearly.
Most of them participate in the POST-UTME exercise. If you can get lots of past questions for different faculties for your university and probably that of other universities, you can make real cash selling it both offline and online.

The packaging matters a lot, make sure your past questions are not dim (have been photocopied a million times) and make sure the answers to the questions are correct. You can also sell past question papers to students in your school too. Past Semester exam questions.

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