11 Lucrative Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria

11 Lucrative Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria
As Nigerian students the truth is that you can start a side business as a full-time student. As an undergraduate, you most times run out of cash to do certain things in school. How do you handle this? Do you run back to your parents always to help you out when there are several businesses you can manage without interfering with your studies?
In this article, I am going to briefly explain eleven (11) business ideas for students you can run successfully as undergraduates in Nigeria. Each of them will require some form of capital but each of this business, if practised in Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education are always very successful and usually bring in enough income to sustain your stay in school.
Here are eleven (11) business ideas for undergraduates in Nigeria you can start and make steady income as an undergraduate without having to depend too much on your parents

1. Photocopying and Printing

These are two services that go together and it’s very much demanded in a school environment. In a school of more than 30,000 students and different lecturers in many different locations, you are sure to be successful if you set up in a good location a photocopy and printing shop where you can offer help to those who need these services. Many students and lecturers use printing and photocopy services regularly so you will be sure of making your sales daily. The major capital required for this business will be the procurement of the photocopying and printing machines and the needed materials such as A4 papers and staplers.

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2. Popcorn Business

I have seen people who are successful in this business and that is why I am adding it to the list. You can start packaging popcorns into sealed nylons while putting your labels into it. From there you can liaise with supermarkets and shops around you to be supplying them your popcorns at cheaper prices. You can make research on how you can add special taste and effects to your popcorn to make people patronize it more for quality.

3. Bulk SMS

While in my second year in the university, a friend of mine was running this business and he had to regrets because it was really profitable. When he started, his target was to get as many churches, fellowships, departmental organization and sect, class representatives to sign up in his bulk SMS website. He made good money from political campaigns during SUG elections in the school and some other fellowships who use his website for bulk SMS. This business is a very lucrative one and you are sure to make steady income if you go into it as an undergraduate.

4. Blogging

This particular idea can be tricky to some extent. I have seen a lot of people go into blogging and in few months, they give up because the money wasn’t just coming in immediately. You should blog about something you really have a passion for and also a niche with high traffic. Do your research well and make your decision. There are several ways to monetize your blog such as selling products on your blog, sell space for adverts (this will depend on your daily traffic), affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, etc.

5. Merchandise

Every time, people have events regularly in school areas, they usually request the services of a good cloth designer to make merchandise and jerseys for them. If you go into this business as an undergraduate, you will be making a lot of cash on a monthly basis as a costume manager.

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6. Sales of Data Plan

Another nice income generating business to do as an undergraduate is to venture into sales of data plan to fellow students and lecturers especially. You just need to familiarize your self with as many lecturers who you know uses a good amount of data monthly. If you are a data re-seller , you can supply data to lecturers and students whom you have made contact with and make your cool cash daily.

7. Phone Repair

There is always a need for this service in the university environment. If you know how to fix faulty phones, both hardware and software issues, why not startup a business with this. Let people know that you can do this, print and distribute flyers if need be to create the awareness and deliver whenever you get a customer. If you set up this business very well, you can make tangible income from phone repairing.

8. Import-Export/Sales

Selling imported items is one of the most lucrative method of earning stable income as an undergraduate in Nigeria. You can be shipping cheap and fancy items from China and selling them at prices that will make you reasonable profit. Using websites like AliExpress, you can buy certain products with free shipping from China to Nigeria and resell at higher price than you bought it and make reasonable profit.

9. Training/tutorials

Organising tutorials and software training for interested students in the university environment has proven to be one of best businesses you can run as an undergraduate in Nigeria and make cool cash from it. Just find a good location and a partner that can join you in training people to have the knowledge of useful software in their respective courses of study or take up a course that you are really good at a teach.

10. Graphic Design

You can learn graphics and venture into offering small services like banner designers and making flyers for small organizations in your school. Different associations, departments and even the student union body hold gatherings from time to time and will need flyers and banners to create awareness, this is one of the reason why graphic design is a very profitable business to venture into while in the university.

11. Barbing Salon

It is a very lucrative business to venture into while in school because you will have so many students patronizing you as a student barber. Imagine you had just 50 people who visit your salon for hair cut on a weekly basis, multiply this by the amount you pay to cut you hair. This should give you a clear picture of how profitable the business can be.
I hope you have discovered one or two (or even 11) business ideas you can start now as an undergraduate in Nigeria from this post?
It is now up to you to decide which one of this above listed businesses to do as an undergraduate and start making stable income for yourself. Gather some capital and carry out a research on things needed to start each of this business, find a good location in your school or even in your hostel, start small and expand till you finally grow big.
Enough already from me, what ideas have you tried out as an undergraduate that has been profitable for you but not listed here? Feel free to use the comment box below to share with us. Thank you.

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